Visa information

General requirements:

Citizens of most countries require a valid visa to enter Bangladesh. The type of visa and duration of stay are determined by the Embassy. The type and category of visa vary according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and bilateral arrangement with the country of the foreign national. Any change in rules and regulations made by the Government of Bangladesh will apply.
All participants and guests coming to Bangladesh to attend ICPC World Finals must obtain a tourist/T visa.

  • Citizens of any country that has a Bangladeshi Embassy have to get a Tourist/T visa in advance. They have to follow the guidelines/processes of the embassy of their home country or residence country (if it is different than your home country). The list of countries that have an Embassy can be found here (under Missions tab).

  • Citizens of any country that does not have a Bangladeshi Embassy but has an accredited country have to apply for a Tourist/T visa in advance through that accredited country. They have to follow the guidelines/processes of the respective embassy.

    Click here for the “List of Approved Concurrent Accreditation (Country Wise)”.

  • Anyone who doesn’t fall under the above two categories has to contact the visa coordinator ( and manager, ICPC (

Visa in Advance
  • General document requirements for Visa in advance:
    • Filled-in application form.
    • Two copies of recent Photographs (Size: 37mmX37mm).
    • Original Passport (valid at least for six months).
    • Host Invitation letter (Available for download from ICPC global page).
    • Payment receipt of visa fee.
    • Any other documents required by the embassy.

  • General Steps to follow:

    Step 1: Upload a copy of passport on the ICPC global page at least 50 days before your date of arrival in Bangladesh.

    Step 2: Fill in the visa application form following the guidelines of the Bangladeshi embassy of your home/residence country (or accredited country).

    Step 3: Print the completed form.

    Step 4:

    a) If in-person appointment is required.

    • Make an appointment (at least 40 days before your date of arrival in Bangladesh) with the nearest Bangladeshi Embassy.
    • Make your payment online if allowed. (If not allowed, you have to pay the fee during your appointment)
    • On the day of the appointment, bring the printed form along with other required documents (as mentioned in “General document requirements for Visa in advance” above and by the embassy), and payment of visa fees with you.

    b) If mail-in service is allowed.

    • Follow the guidelines /processes/instructions of the Bangladeshi embassy of your home country or residence country (if it is different than your home country).

Covid-19 Information

Government-approved Vaccines for entry into Bangladesh
  • COVISHIELD/AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer
  • Vero Cell
  • Sputnik v
  • Janssen

Click Here for Covid-19 Requirement to Enter/Exit in Bangladesh.

ICPC World Finals Dhaka Safety Measures

Health safety


  • In order to enter Bangladesh, every contestant, coach, guest, and/or staff member must provide proof of vaccination from a Government approved vaccine (see list here), or provide proof of a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours upon arrival
  • Upon arrival to the hotel, attendees will take a Rapid Antigen test, and will be asked to wait in their room for the results
    • Those testing positive on an antigen test will be given a PCR test to confirm and will be put into an isolation room until those results are received.
    • PCR positive cases without symptoms will continue to isolate for 5 days
    • PCR positive cases with symptoms will be evaluated by a Doctor for severity and will be transported to one of our reserved hospitals if necessary
    • PCR negative cases will be released from isolation
  • Regular Covid-19 testing will take place throughout the contest period and will be displayed on the schedule. Attendees will be notified in advance via email when their next test is due in order to continue to gain access to all ICPC hotels and venues
  • Masks will be readily available and are required in all public spaces
  • Hand sanitizing stations will readily available at all hotels and ICCB venues

Other health measures

  • Every ICPC hotel has air ventilation system
  • Every ICPC meal is organized and controlled by the ICPC staff with the respect to special health and religion requirements of the contestants and guests
  • All meals will be served buffet stations to limit the number of shared serving utensils 
  • 2 Ambulances will be on duty at ICCB during official events 
  • 2 additional Ambulances will be on duty to cover hotels
  • 3 local hospitals have reserved beds for the ICPC period, should any attendees need medical support for any reason. A host volunteer will stay with hospitalized attendees to act as translator and to ensure that any dietary requirements are being fulfilled
  • Contest venue setup follows local fire regulation rules
  • Contest venue setup follows electrical safety rules

Security measures 

  • Every ICPC hotel has metal detectors and hand baggage scan upon entering to the hotel
  • All transportation is organized and controlled by the ICPC staff and Host staff
    • All guests are met at the exit of the airport security zone by the Host volunteers and escorted to organized transportation
    • Transportation between hotels and the ICCB venue starts directly from the hotel doors and finishes at the venue
  • Contest venue entrance has metal detectors
  • Entrance to ICCB area is controlled by the ICCB security staff, ICCB is closed for public except for the public events
    • Public access to public events is restricted to registered guests who have also undergone testing for Covid-19 
  • All ICPC hotels have solid emergency and evacuation plans
  • ICPC Operations has solid emergency and evacuation plans at the ICCB venue

ICPC Vaccination Requirements

Although you may enter Bangladesh without a vaccine, ICPC requires all participants to be fully vaccinated. Those who do not have one of the vaccines listed above will still need a PCR test to enter Bangladesh.
Each person who attends is required to provide information about their vaccination status on a vaccination survey. If you have been vaccinated with a vaccine not listed above, you are asked to list the manufacturer and date(s) of the vaccines you did receive in the survey.
If you are registered for the event and have not received a survey link, or have any questions, please contact

If you are flying:

Follow all instructions found in the Air Transportation Circular.
Be sure to follow the instructions for completing the Health Declaration Form. You will receive a token/receipt that can be printed or saved in your device. Carry all the documents mentioned in the form. The form should be filled in within 72 hours prior to Departure time. NOTE: you will not be permitted to board without this document completed

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